Maria Finders lives and works in Amsterdam, Arles and Paris. She is artistic director of Luma Days and co-artistic director of Atelier Luma for Luma Arles, France.  


After a background in film and art history at Queens 
(Kingston, Ontario) and Concordia (Montreal, Quebec) and drawing and painting at the National School of 
Fine Arts in Paris, Maria Finders began 30 years career in art, entrepreneurship and technology. In 2002, she joined Art Basel by creating and developing Art Basel Conversations, which she manages in Basel and Miami Beach (2002-2008) with Hans Ulrich Obrist. After 
joining the international consultancy firm Brunswick 
Arts as European Director and Strategic Consultant in Communication and Culture, she created and organized the Global Art Forum for Art Dubai - Qatar and Dubai, from 2007 to 2009. In 2005, as part of his duties at Brunswick Arts, then later with OMA | AMO, Finders led a decade of projects at the Venice Biennale: Daniel Birnbaum‘s correspondent for the Art Biennale in 2009, and Rem Koolhaas for Architecture in 2014, she has collaborated on projects for more than 10 pavilions including those 
of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Greece, Spain and the United Kingdom. After setting up the A2B - Architecture to Basel International Symposium for Messe Basel Swissbau in 2001, Finders continued part of her career in the field 
of architecture, working on strategy and campaign for the Aga Khan Prize for Architecture and for the Mies Prize. Between 2011 and 2014, she was part of the 
Rem Koolhaas team at OMA | AMO as Director of the Cultural and Creative Council, developing a project with and for Galeries Lafayette and Lafayette Anticipation 
(strategy and building of the Foundation, exhibitions, new typologies), but also with Audi, 360 Mall Kuwait, and the workshops of AMO. LINKS: